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Barseks & Co. Ltd is dedicated to exceeding all your expectations and redefining value creation. We assist farm owners/landowners, investors and developers to identify opportunities and mitigate risks by implementing solution-driven strategies at the earliest time possible.

Our consultancy services cover all the dimensions necessary from the planning to the execution phase of a project. Our aim is to be the one bus stop for everything our client needs including logistic services and primary construction services. Investors and developers looking to invest in rural areas often require a thorough understanding of the culture, the environs, local ruling laws and regulation that govern the territory. The time required to accumulate this information would typically stall the business transaction and in worst cases, put off the entire transaction.

Barseks & Co. Ltd comes in as the go-to partner. We thoroughly understand the system and we know just what needs to be done to ensure a smooth business transaction in the rural region. We provide strategic expertise to assist investors in developing and executing agricultural projects and in acquiring land. We equally place the interest of the farm owners and local communities at the forefront to avoid exploitation. We have forged long-lasting relationships with several rural communities who are open to agricultural partnerships and infrastructural developments; enabling us to negotiate on their behalf.

Our team is made up of professional agronomists and engineers who have amassed extensive experience in the inter-operations of the agricultural sector. Prior to every project, we carry out a comprehensive project planning exercise, as well as, provide technical support services to agricultural and agro-industrial projects for private and public sectors.

We understand that effective project planning is the foundation of a successful project. During the planning phase, we identify risk reduction tactics and cost-saving strategies to increase the success rate of the project.

Many projects fail to meet the desired end results due to inadequate planning, which could result in excessive changes, capital loss, improper use of time and resources during the execution phase. But not your project because you are working with the best in the field.

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